The Vapor Studio opened in December of 2014 and is family owned and operated by Earl and Delia Wilson with their oldest son CJ. Both Cj and Earl being former smokers knew the health risks that were associated with smoking and morning after morning of waking up with a chest full of phlegm and shortness of breath they knew it was time to make the switch to e-cigs in early 2012. After vaping for over 3 years and feeling first hand how vaping can make such a difference in a person's overall health they decided they needed to open their own shop and help others kick the analog cigarette habit. We have a wide variety of house blend juice that is sure to satisfy any craving. Customer Service and vaping experience is a huge deal to us, which is why we decided to keep the prices low. This way you can have a amazing vaping experience with out breaking the bank.

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 We have a wide selection here at Austins favorite local vape shop. Everything from Smok, Sigelei, Wismec, to Candy King, Bazooka, Cookie Butter, and so much more. We love taking the time to actually walk you through the step by step processes of using any vaporizer or tank to insure you understand everything about it. We also want you to feel confident and comfortable before leaving so that you can really enjoy your vaping experience. Don't forget we are always here to help whether you have visited us before or are a regular visitor.



Vaping is always changing and we realize that here at The Vapor Studio Local Austin Vapor Shop. Which is why we do our bet to stay on top of the changes and keep up with new products. Such as Salt Nicotine we have taken our time getting into it just to insure we had our time to do testing and research to truly understand what it is. We currently carry a nice selection of Salt Nic Vapor Kits, along with a amazing selection of Salt Nicotine Premium E-Liquid. We have large plans for growing our Salts collection so stay tuned and keep a eye out for new Vape Kits, Premium E-Liquids and of course sales to help people start there transition.

We know that in order to quit smoking traditional combustible cigarettes it takes quite a bit of time and patience. And that is where we come in we are here to help that transition into vaping which has been shown in dozens of clinical studies to be a much safer alternative. Making the switch to vaping is not a easy thing to do it is overwhelming, due to all the different Vaporizers, and Flavors to choose from. Let alone having to learn which vape will be best for you, or which flavor you mite like best. But don't worry here at The Vapor Studio we will take the time to really go over everything for you, down to setting up the device for you and answering any questions you may have,

The Vapor Studio is a team of dedicated Vapors who believe in making the switch to live healthier just from what we have seen and experienced first hand. We take pride and enjoy coming in every day to help and create amazing House Blend E-Liquid. We love getting to experience new flavors and check out new Vaporizers or tanks that come in. 


Don't forget to fight for your vaping rights by contacting your local representatives and letting them know your view on vaping, and how it is healthier for you compared to the traditional combustible cigarettes. Let them know it is also a great way to stop smoking all together and even get off nicotine. Contact them today and put your voice out there to insure vaping stays around for generations to come.


Stop In Today At The Best Local Austin Texas Vapor Shop. We Strive For The Best Customer Service & Vaping Experience. Come Join Our Vaping Family And Enjoy The Best Prices In Austin! The Vapor Studio Music To Your Lungs.


Welcome to The Vapor Studio Austin Favorite Vape Shop. We understand finding the right flavor or even a new flavor can be rather hard at times. Sometimes things just do not translate over to vape form as we thought they would, or we just are not sure exactly what it is we are looking for. But this is a crucial thing as finding that right flavor can decide if vaping is going to be something you will enjoy. I mean who really wants to vape on something they are not that happy with.


Here at Austins Favorite And lowest Priced Vape Shop we take the time to really find you exactly what you are looking for. We allow you to try any of our over 100 Unique House Blend E-Liquids. Anything from Fruit Blends, Tasty Treats, Candies, to Tobaccos, and Menthol. There is just about nothing we can't make allowing us to really find that unique flavor that is perfect just for you. 


If for any reason you are not happy with any of our Unique House Blend E-Liquids then bring it back, and we will be happy to switch it our for something new. We know how hard it can be at times trying new flavors, not sure if it is going to be something you will enjoy all day. Or maybe it didn't taste quite the same in your tank or RDA compared to our RDA Testers. This is common with all Vape Shops which is why we wanted to make it easy on everyone and allow all House blend E-liquids to be returned even if you went through a tank. Lets keep in mind though this does not mean we take back bottles with 1% left. The bottle has to be at least 75% full which should allow for a tank. But this makes it quite a bit easier to try out new flavors with out worrying about being out money if your not happy. But hey that is why we have The Best Customer Service! We understand and listen.


We have taken the time to really perfect our flavors over the years to insure every last recipe is on point and enjoyable to vape on day after day. We never just throw anything together and call it a day, we take the time to really put our passion into every bottle of E-juice we make. We use syringes down to .01 to insure consistency with every batch, never eye balling anything. We also pre-make just about every Blend to allow time for steeping. Steeping really allows the richness of flavors to come out, making a much Smoother & Flavorful Vape.


One of our best sellers and personal favorites in the Fruit blends is Dynamite. We have had this blend for quite some time now and it never lets anyone down. Dynamite is a special House Blend that consist of Nectarine, Sweet Strawberries, Peach, and a splash of Apple to bring it all together. It is a full flavor inhale & exhale which we love. It is great on coils and provides and flavorful smooth hit. 


If Fruit Blends are not your thing then try out Good Morning from our Tasty Treat section. It has been a fan favorite for I don't how long and once you try it you will see why. Good Morning is a Rich Flavorful White Italian Cake Blend that has a nice cake on the inhale with a Creamy Vanilla exhale and Creamy Aftertaste really keeps you wanting more. But be warned once you try it you may never be able to stop! We will always love this blend do to its pure flavor a must try especially on a RDA or any Rebuild-able.