(Pharmacutical Grade)  

Available In The Following:

CBD Bath Bombs

  • 100mg of premium CBD
  • Available in a variety of essentials , Frankincense, Lavander, Eucalyptus, and more.

CBD Tinctures (Sublingual)

  • Available bottle sizes: 30ml
  • Available CBD stengths: 300mg, 1000mg, 1500mg
  • Available in the following flavors: berry

CBD Vaping Oil

  • Available bottle sizes: 30ml, 60ml
  • Available CBD strengths: 300mg, 750mg, 1000mg, 1500mg
  • Available in the following flavors: vanilla, and mint.

CBD Freeze (Rub On)

  • Available bottle size: 3oz.
  • Available CBD strengths: 750mg

CBD Inflammation Formula (Rub On)

  • Available bottle Size: 2oz.
  • Available CBD strengths: 300mg

CBD Dog Treats

  • Available bag size: 30 Pieces
  • Available flavor: peanut butter
  • Available CBD strength: 300mg

CBD Dog Tinctures (Sublingual)

  • Available bottle size: 30ml
  • Available flavors: peanut butter
  • Available CBD strength: 300mg, 750mg

CBD Cat Tinctures (Sublingual)

  • Available bottle size: 30ml
  • Available flavors: catnip
  • Available CBD strengths: 150mg


Why Choose cbdMD CBD Products:

Whether you’re a business professional or a professional athlete, you may want to make sure your CBD oil contains zero THC. Although 0.3% THC is the legal limit in the United States, trace amounts could still produce a positive drug test. The cbdMD "hybrid full-spectrum" process combines the absolute purest crystalline CBD isolate with a controlled full-spectrum extract to carefully prevent the introduction of any THC. This is the only way to ensure a premium full-plant cannabinoid extract capable of producing the infamous “entourage effect” without any risk of THC.

We strongly advise that you consult your doctor or trusted physician before taking any CBD products for particular ailments. The FDA has not evaluated any statements regarding CBD and its uses, nor do we guarantee this product will diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

100MG cbdMD CBD Bath Bombs - Signature Collection Available In 6 Different Types

This manufacturer makes every CBD bath bomb with 100% organic CBD and pure therapeutic grade essential oils. The cbdMD Signature Collection of premium CBD bath bombs revitalizes and relaxes, creating a luxury experience with every soak. Each bath bomb contains 100MG of premium CBD. This CBD contains absolutely no artificial dyes or preservatives. They are made with all-natural coloring to ensure no staining and is absorption safe. This allows you to lay back and enjoy the relaxing CBD experience any time.

  • 100% pure therapeutic grade Frankincense essential oil and aromatics
  • 100mg USA Grade-A premium CBD (Cannabidiol) per bath bomb
  • Full-spectrum cannabinoid extract containing CBG, CBDV, etc.
  • Other beneficial molecules, essential oils, terpenes, and amino acids
  • 100% organic, USA-grown/processed, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan

All Natural Ingredients:

CBD Oil, Baking Soda, Corn Starch, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Distilled Water, Essential Oils and Fragances, Food Coloring.

How To Use cbdMD CBD Bath Bombs:

  • Fill your bath with water of desired temperature.
  • Remove CBD bath bomb from plastic (bath bomb may be soft).
  • Drop bath bomb into water and wait for it to dissolve.
  • Once bath bomb is dissolved, step in and enjoy.

The Vapor Studio Experience CBD Bath Bombs:

Here at The Vapor Studio, Austin's favorite vape shop, we test every item prior to purchasing. We do this, not only to ensure the product works as intended and is free of defects, but also to save you the time and inconvenience from receiving a non-working product.

This is the first time I have had the chance to try CBD bath bombs.  I was a bit skeptical going into this, but I have already seen what other forms of CBD have done to help people in need of relief from pain, anxiety, arthritis and so much more. My back has been a bit tight lately so I was hopeful that this would help relieve that tension. I followed the directions, got everything set up, and took about a 40 minute soak. I have to say I was amazed at how well it worked. 

The first few minutes were normal, but around 5 min I could start feeling the effects. About 10 minutes in my back felt quite a bit better. Around 15-20 minutes my back felt normal; no more tension or tightness. Of course I soaked for a bit longer enjoying the relief. I was able to sleep soundly that night, which is a major improvement. 

Keep in mind that the effects of CBD can vary from person to person. Different methods of absorbing CBD, as well as dosages can make all the difference in how you experience it. Some people do not require a high dosage to get the desired effects, while other may require a higher dosage in order to achieve there the full effect. Finding your right dosage can take a few tries, so don't give up if it does not work for you right away. Brands can make all the difference, as not all CBD is the same.  

CBD Vape Oils

The cbdMD vape oils have been designed by combining all the medicinal and health benefits of CBD oil into a vapable option. Vaping CBD oil allows for CBD to be adsorbed by the lungs and into the bloodstream at a faster rate with larger doses. Meaning that vaping CBD, as opposed to oral (sublingual) ingestion, allows the beneficial properties of CBD oil up to 4 times the amount is absorbed into the body at a much quicker rate. The effects of vaping CBD can usually be felt within the first few minutes and generally wears off after a couple of hours. Don't be concerned if you don't notice the immediate effects of CBD oil, as relief could take up to 2 weeks before desired results become consistent. 

Like all of their products, cbdMD vape oil, come from organically grown American Hemp which, is certified NON-GMO, VEGAN, and GLUTEN-FREE. The cbdMD premium CBD Cannabinoids are extracted using only the cleanest of methods - CO2 Full Spectrum Extraction. In other words, a very fancy, top of the line machine is used to ensure that every healthy property of the Hemp plant is available to you. This combines their all-natural CBD oil with a PG/VG Mix, as opposed to MCT OIL which has been found in a few other CBD oils and could cause lung discomfort and pneumococcal pneumonia. This manufacturers method of extracting CBD and the all-natural ingredients ensure that they provide the purest CBD vape oil on the market. Their CBD vape oil also comes in a variety of flavors such as Orange, Vanilla, Mint, and All-Natural.

Mint: All-Natural Mint extract with a unique twist on the traditional Spearmint & Peppermint infusion. Much like "Thin-Mints" without the chocolate. It is mild, cool, and refreshing.

Orange: All-Natural Sweet Tangerine extract. Unlike your typical citrus, there is no tartness here. This is my personal favorite flavor from cbdMD.

Vanilla: All-Natural Vanilla extract is mellow and slightly sweet; the perfect flavor addition to any vape.

Application And Dosage:

  • Recommended use and dosage may very from person to person depending on their weight, height, and severity of the symptoms. Stronger discomfort may require more frequent use or a higher dosage, while minor ailments and daily use may require a lower dosage or less frequent use. We always recommend starting with a smaller dose or use less frequently and adjust according to the symptoms.
  • We recommend using a smaller lighter hitting vaporizer kit if you plan on using the CBD straight and not diluting in another vape e-liquid. 
  • If you plan on diluting and mixing the CBD oil with another e-liquid, then we would say start with a few drops and work your way up from there as needed.

How Long For Desired Results:

This will vary from person to person and on a case to case basis. Just like the application and dosage will vary, the time-frame in which you will see the desired results will be different for each person. There is a large variety of CBD products out there  and finding the right dosage, or product and delivery system that works for you can be a trial and error type of thing. As only you will know what dosage or CBD product you will need in the long run, but here at The Vapor Studio we do our best to help relieve some of the trial process by providing clear information on every product we carry. We also personally try each item out to ensure it works as intended and provides you will the experience you are looking for. This also helps us convey information properly and give clear instructions on its use.

The Vapor Studio Personal Experience With CBD Vape Oil

We believe in trying every product before we purchase, which is what we have done here. We have not only tried cbdMD CBD but also dozens of other brands to determine which really stands up to what it claims. When it comes to CBD vape oil, there are a few different ways on actually just vaping it. One way we usually recommend, as it tends to work the best, is to use a smaller kit such as a Salt Nicotine kit; then fill up the tank with straight CBD and take a hit as needed. The other way we have seen quite a bit, is adding CBD to your tank with traditional vape e-liquid. If you do this method we highly recommend using no nicotine e-liquid; as we don't want to mix CBD into e-liquid that has nicotine. This may not create the experience that you are looking for. We always recommend starting with a lighter dosage or strength; which is what we have done to judge how much you may need. Many people are surprised at how little it can take to make all the difference. If you can get away with using half of what you're using, then why waste it? That's how we look at it at least.

We started using the 100mg testers and we did not notice too much, but that was to be expected at this dosage a light calming effect. We then moved onto the 300mg and 750mg which worked amazingly and ended up creating a super happy day here at the shop but every day is like that here. We tried both a straight hit using a Smok Novo Salt Kit & Eleaf Icare 2. The reason we used 2 different Salt kits for our first test on the higher miligrams was due to how each one hits. The Smok Novo kit hits a bit harder which means we would intake a bit more with each hit, while the Eleaf Icare 2 kit is a lighter hitting vape which meant we would be in-taking a smaller dosage per hit. Both kits works perfect but the novo of course due to its stronger hit provided a bit more calming, and quicker effects. We took a few good hits to start and waited within about 5-10 min we could already feel the effects of the CBD which was a nice calming happiness. Of course the stronger 750mg test provided a much stronger effect and quicker results. Keep in mind we have already started our CBD regiments so our Body have already had time to adjust to the CBD. This could take up 2 weeks to start seeing more desired and consistent results.

We have also given out samples to quite a few people currently dealing with Arthritis, Minor Muscle or Join Paint, Trouble Sleeping, Issues with Anxiety, and much more to get there insight. And we where surprised how much people loved cbdMD CBD products over other brands we have carried, keep in mind certain brands and types of CBD are not for everyone so not everyone liked it more over other brands. But this will always vary from person to person and case by case basis. We love hearing other peoples experiences and insight into everything we carry as this helps us really dial in what product to carry or what not to carry.

CBD Freeze Pain Relief Gel

cbdMD CBD Freeze Pain Relief Gel is the preferred Topical for professional athletes, recreational athletes, barber shops, delivery companies across the United States. cbdMD CBD Freeze is strong enough for the most rigorous competitors yet. Perfect for after long workouts that may have left you in a bit more pain that you where wanting or just a nice relief from normal work out pain. With cbdMD Proprietary ingredients, CBD Freeze is specifically crafted for alleviating join pain, stiffness and muscular tenderness. CBD Freeze comes in a convenient travel friendly, fast-acting roll-on applicator. Which provides a non-greasy, deep skin absorption and only contains Premium Grade CBD Extracts from 100% organic, domestically grown and processed, Non-GMO Hemp.


  • Apply CBD Freeze to tender area gently rolling on and enjoy relief.
  • Keep in mind recommended use will vary from person to person and on a case to case bases depending upon, weight, size, and severity of pain. More intense muscular aches may require more application, while minor aches and pains will require less. We always recommend starting with a smaller amount and waiting to see how the effects are before applying a larger amount.

CBD Dog Treats & Tinctures

CBD Dog Treats & Tinctures is something that has been requested and brought up quite often, and we wanted to help bring that to life. We are happy to now be carrying a Wide selection of Premium CBD Products, including Dog Treats and Tinctures. Don't worry we didn't forget about all you cat lovers including me out there we also have Cat CBD Tinctures as well so we have you covered there which we will talk about in the next section. Both CBD Treats and Tinctures work wonders for your beloved furry family member, but Treats could be easier especially for Dogs Vs the Tinctures as it would be quite a bit easier giving them there CBD Dosage this way. But Tinctures appear to be a bit more quicker when it comes to the relief that our furry friends are looking for.

When it comes to dosage we recommend starting with Half a Treat especially for Smaller Dogs and observing there behavior to see if the pain or discomfort has been relieved. Result may not show right away if this is the first time your lovable Dog has taken CBD Pet Treats. As there body may need some time to get used to it and balance out. But starting with a lower dose is always strongly encouraged as this allows you to insure you are giving the right Dosage to your furry friend. This also insures that you are not wasting anything if you can get away using half a treat vs a whole treat. We also have Larger Treats for Larger Dogs each of the lager treats will contain twice the CBD dosage. As the weight and size of your lovable furry friend does determine if they need a higher or lower dosage of CBD.

CBD Cat Tinctures

We didn't forget about our Cat lovers out there including me, currently we do not have Cat Treats. But we do have something just as good and just as easy to give to our furry friends as treats. CBD Cat Tinctures are the same as what we would use for Sublingual CBD taking orally, but made for Cats our favorite furry friends. I have a new kitten and have used this to help calm him down a bit since he just got fixed and was in a little bit of pain. I tried it a few ways which most seem to have worked, one being the main way that most vets would do which is to hold your kitten and gently insert the dropper into the back portion of its mouth on the side, which you will notice has a gap and allows you to easily give your cat or kitten what they need. I also tried soaking a bit into his favorite cat treats which also seemed to work just fine. It took a bit but I noticed he started to calm down and eventually took a nice nap which was great as he was in pain since we got him home. But that is just one way it can be used, there are a number of ailments that our furry friends can have and CBD may be able to help.

CbdMD only uses 100% Organic Hemp, Grown and Processed at there farms and facilities in the United States. Gluten-Free and Vegan Certified, CbdMD CBD Oil Tincture Drops are also Non-GMO.

Is CBD Legal In The United States?

Out of all the compounds found inside cannabis, THC & CBD Are the most well-known, but CBD is the most well-known for its Non-Psychoactive components. In December 2016, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) implemented their rule regarding CBD as well as Cannabis Extracts under a new drug code. Due to this previous ruling the DEA previously claimed all Cannabinoids, Which includes CBD, as illegal Schedule I Substances under the (CSA) Controlled Substance Act. This ruling was incredibly misleading the characterization of CBD, as seen by many legal advisers and experts. This eventually created a huge demand for a retraction or better clarification.

Due to the Nationwide Public Outcry, the DEA revised its rule which now recognizes CBD as being LEGAL In The United States if it comes from parts of the cannabis plant not defined as being marijuana described by the CSA. The Drug Code Revision currently lists Schedule I cannabis extracts as those that fall within the CSA's Definition Of Marijuana. The CSA also states that any product, particularly CBD or Hemp oil & Supplements containing the majority parts of cannabis excluded from their description is NOT AN ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE.

Both Marijuana and Hemp belong to the same plant family, Cannabis Sativa; the main distinguishing trait between the two is their THC levels. During the Obama Administration, Congress passes the Agricultural Act, also known as the 2014 US Farm Bill. This Bill carefully outlines Hemp opposite of marijuana based on its THC content. If the cannabis plant contains less than 0.03% THC, then it is classified as Industrial Hemp. Congress' decision also legalizes the cultivation of the Industrial Hemp through state-regulated agriculture departments for hemp management and research.

The constitutional legality of the Industrial Hemp implemented by Congress also Guarantees that products created from Hemp Plants, including CBD OIL are LEGAL. This is due to their minuscule THC Levels if any. Every State has its own unique rules to cultivate and manage Hemp which is why CBD is locally Available in specific areas while others are limited to online suppliers. But regarding the Federal Law, CBD IS LEGAL to purchase, sell and consume throughout the United States.