Shop By Coil Not The Look Of A Tank.

Shop By Coil Not The Look Of A Tank.

Published by The Vapor Studio on Mar 13th 2019

This is something I personally would recommend as it really all comes down to the coil quite a bit. Every tank takes a unique coil, some cross compatible but unique all the same. Which means the hit or what it can handle is going to vary quite a bit in some cases.

For instance take the Horizontech Falcon Tank which is a newer one that many know. The coils typically run between 25w-80w comfortably depending on which coil you decide to use as there usually is a selection on most tanks. The Falcon coils are great for your casual vapor that is looking for great flavor and decent cloud. Which may be perfect for some but not everyone.

Now lets look at the Freemax Mesh Pro Tank which has a variety of coils. But one big difference is the juice intake which is the strips of white cotton you see on the sides of most coils. Larger juice intakes usually means better juice flow allowing for longer hits providing larger cloud production. 

So for instance if bigger cloud production is what your after then the Freemax Mesh Pro coils would fit your needs quite a bit more than the Falcon Tank. But if a softer hit and great flavor is what your after then the Horizontech Falcon would be the tank I would suggest between the two.

But to sum it up while the newest shiney tank may be out make sure the coils are going to hold up to how you vape. This will help prevent buying a tank that just isn't what your looking for, and if your not sure always feel free to ask. We are always here to help and make sure you enjoy every vape session!

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