Suorin Air Plus - Is It A Hit Or Miss?

Suorin Air Plus - Is It A Hit Or Miss?

Published by The Vapor Studio on Sep 13th 2019

The new Suorin Air Plus: the big question is did they fix all the major issues?

The truth is by surprise they did manage to fix all of the major complaints, while adding some much needed features. But not all the features are as convenient, this we will touch on later.

First lets look at the pod the most important part of any pod system. In the past we have seen poor pod life and tough priming with the original sourin air. This is now a thing of the past with the New Suorin Air Plus Pods as they wick super quick allowing you to enjoy your vaping asap with out the high risk of burning a pod out.

Suorin has managed this by drastically improving the wicking, allowing for juice to saturate on all sides of the wick. This just makes things easy, and seems like the best way to do things.

Lets talk Flavor as this is also a big part of any pod system. While coil life and hit are meaningful, it just does not mean that much with out the flavor to back it up. And the Air Plus hits the mark on flavor. Not only does it provide a smooth and satisfying hit, it provides the flavor most are looking for.

So we know the pods have been drastically improved in many ways. Lets talk about one extra feature that may not set so well with a few people. With the Air Plus they have changed from using the standard Micro USB to using a Type C charger. This is not all bad as the device will charge rather quickly. On the other hand not everyone has a spare Type C charger laying around if they happen to lose the original charging cable. This can also make charging on the go a bit tougher if your forget your charger.

Few other extra features is the 4 led light bar for battery life indication (pretty standard on most pod systems). Redesigned look for better quality ( no more being able to pull the chip out from the bottom!) Which was a issue with the original. Air Plus also features a 930mah battery with a 22w output for satisfying hits. 3.5ml pod so less filling and more vaping :) The Air Plus pods come in 0.7Ohm DTL & 1.0Ohm MTL so you can choose what type of hit you would prefer.

This Product Is Intended For Adult Smokers. Not For Sell To Minors!