We always want people to feel comfortable using there device, especially if they are new to vaping. We are going to go over a few things including, how to know when a coil needs changed, how to change a coil, Wattage Safety, a little bit of everything.  If there is anything you would like us to go over or make a guide on please feel free to contact us and we will get right on it.

tfv12-12-coils-pack-x4-t12-t8-q4-massive-cloud-great-flavor-main.pngOne of the questions we get the most, How long does a coil last?

Typical lifespan on most coils is around 2 weeks. This does depend on a few things as well for one, the sweeter the juice usually the quicker the coil is likely to burn out. As sweetener is what usually caramelizes on the coil causing it not to produce the vapor, or flavor that it normally would. Higher wattage can also kill a coil quick depending on what the coil can handle which we will go over further down in the guide under What Wattage Should I Use?

Easy indications would be lack of flavor, lack of cloud, this would indicate the coil may be going out. Once it has finally fully burnt out it will produce a harsher flavor, or a burnt taste which is not a easy thing to miss. Quite a few people go by color this is not always the best indicator, as flavors them self can be darker to start off and turn the cotton darker quicker than other flavors.



Do Premiums E-liquid burn out coils quicker?

In most cases yes, premiums tend to be a bit more sweeter, usually a flavor called Super Sweet is to blame here. While it does really boost the flavors quite a bit, it is also well Super Sweet which means that the coil is going to caramelize quite a bit quicker. But not all premiums are considered coil killers, this is something I would look into a few reviews, or ask someone who has had it before, if you feel this could be a issue for you. If you really just do not want to have to worry about this, then I would recommend sticking to House Blends. Make sure to ask if it will kill coils, all shops should know whether or not a flavor is a coil killer. For example Maple Syrup, Cotton Candy, Super Sweet, are some of the main ones that will kill coils, as well as blends that have quite a bit of sweetener added as well.


What Wattage Should I Use?

This one is a bit trickier just because there are so many coils out there that we really can't list them all, but we can go over the basic to insure you don't go over on watts, and are vaping safely. First thing we want to know is what ohm is our coil, this can be found usually on the side of the coil. Or if your device has a screen it normally reads it out there (example .5ohm or .15ohm). Each coil is designed to be used at recommended wattage which they also normally put on the side of the coil, or on the box itself. 

0003318-smok-tfv12-coil-heads.jpegFor Example:

Lets take a look at the TFV12 Q4 Coil to get a better idea of what this information means on the side of coils. Keep in mind coils are all different and may not have the same type of information.

  • First thing we see at the top is the brand, this insure that the coil is legit in this case.
  • Below the Brand SMOK is the number 0.15Ω, this indicated that the coils ohm is 0.15. This should be close to what the device is reading on the display for ohms (Ω) it may be off by a .01-.03 as each device reads a coil slightly different at times.
  • Below our Ω we see 60-190w this indicates the lowest the coil is recommended to be fired at, to the highest it can handle.
  • Below that we see Best 90-160w, this indicates what is recommended wattage wise for the best hits and flavor without stressing to coil to much.

Another good way to make sure you're at a safe wattage.

Another good way would be to look at the voltage on the device, this is a bit trickier at times as not all devices read out in live time(Live Read Out: Show a constant update of each read out as it changes). The ideal voltage for best flavor would be below 4.5 volts, but as long as you stay below 5 volts then you will be safe. Going above 5 volts is not only bad for the coil, but stresses the battery more which can lead to further issues. You may have to fire the device for the volts to update which is not always ideal especially if you are way to high on volts, but as long as you don't take to long of a hit maybe just a quick fire it should update and show accurate read out on volts (V)

Does this mean for example all .5ohm coils can do the same wattage?

No, unfortunately it isn't quite that simple. Even if a a coil is the same ohm as another coil, that does not exactly mean they can both do the same wattage. Lets take a look at the Crown, and Crown 3 coils as these show a good idea of what we mean. The original crown that came out a few years ago came with a .25, and .5ohm coils. The .25 ohm coil was rated to do upwards of 60-70 watts, while the .5ohm coil was rated to do around 45-50w max. 

Now lets take a look at the Crown 3 .25, and .5ohm coils. Since they are a newer style coil that can handle higher wattage. The .25ohm coil is not rated up to 110w, while the .5ohm coil is rated up to 90w which is a big difference when compared to its older style. While the ohms can tell you quite a bit about what wattage it will do, keep in mind that each coil is made different. 

Is there anything I should do before I use my new coil?The-vapor-studio-best-prices-priming-coil-prime

Yes, the first thing we would want to do is prime a coil. If you take a look at a new coil you will notice that there is quite a bit of dry cotton. What we would want to do is take whatever E-liquid we want to use, and apply to any dry cotton we see. This way when we take our first hit there will be juice for the coil to burn rather than dry cotton.

Once we have a coil nice and primed we want to take around 4-5 hits without firing the device to insure we didn't miss a spot. All this will do is pull in more juice into the coil it self allowing a nice end to our priming process.

Another way to prime a coil: The other way would be to just put the new coil in, and fill the tank up. After this we want to let our tank sit for around 20-30 min, along with taking the 4-5 dry hits as well. This process takes a bit longer but works the same, and will insure your coil is ready to go.

samsung-inr18650-30q-1-400x400.jpgThings you should know about your batteries.

Safety is always top priority among vapors. Below are a few important tips, please see our Battery Safety Guide for more information.

  • Never used damaged, or unwrapped batteries.
  • Never leave batteries charging unattended.
  • Never store batteries improperly.
  • Never carry loose batteries in your pocket.

Always take proper care of your batteries, and device.





Should I charge by batteries through the USB Port, or a External Charger?

It can be a personal preference in most cases.

While most mods can charge VIA micro usb charger, this function is something that we see go out quite often. At times this can also lead to batteries not getting a full charge, or a imbalanced charge. The imbalanced charge is something we see more on 3 battery mods. Keep in mind if you are planning on getting a 4 battery mod a external charger is required, as 4 battery mods currently do not have Micro USB charger capabilities.

So your saying I should use a external charger?

Either way really does work, but there are quite a few benefits to using a external charger. For one you can adjust to do a slower deep charge on .5amps, or a quick 1 or 2amp charge. 

External charging can also allow for a extra set of batteries to be used, once one pair is dead you can pop your charged pair in. Then just let your dead pair charge, we refer to this as hot swapping batteries. This can keep your vape sessions longer, and you worrying less about dead batteries.