How do I prime a coil?

How do I prime a coil?

Published by The Vapor Studio on Feb 4th 2018

Priming a coil is key to insuring your coil does not burn on the first hit, there are several ways of doing this.

Once of the most common ways is putting E-Liquid directly on the cotton inside of the coil itself before inserting it into your tank. What we want to look for when priming a coil is the cotton not looking dry and pure white any more. But instead a shiny glimmer should be visible on the coil if put under light. Once installed and your tank filled up we recommend taking 4 dry hits. What we mean by this is drawing on the tank as if you are hitting it with out actually firing it off. This will draw more E-Liquid into the coil to insure it is nice and primed.

Another way would be to just install the coil as is and fill your tank, then you would just need to let it sit for about 30 min to a hour. We also recommend taking 4 dry hits as well to help speed up the process at the beginning and before you take your first hit.

You might experience some spit back on the first few hits, this is usually due to some excess E-Liquid being in the coil from the priming process. Use a paper towel and put it over the tip and flick it out and enjoy your vaping session from there.