What Is Kratom? Should I Use Kratom?

Provided by Steding & Sons Mercantile, Manufacturer of 1836 Kratom Products.

What We Believe

Steding & Sons Mercantile also known as 1836 Kratom firmly believes in the right of the consumer to make a educated decisions regarding the products they choose to incorporate into their lifestyle. 1836 Kratom seeks to be transparent and share their beliefs in an ethical manner. Nothing on this website or any 1836 Kratom advertisement or package is intended as, and should not be interpreted as advice, medical or otherwise. 1836 Kratom products are not intended to be and should not be considered a replacement for medical treatment. If you have or may have any kind of medical condition, please consult with a licensed physician before using any 1836 Kratom products.

What Is Kratom

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a cousin to the coffee plant, indigenous to Southeast Asia. Traditionally, the leaves have been brewed into tea and more recently, they have been dried and then crushed into a powder form. A growing number of people believe kratom may have health and wellness benefits.

Who Uses Kratom?

A growing number of people, recently estimated at 15 million Americans, are believed to use kratom annually. Many people, including a number of doctors, fitness enthusiasts and health professionals believe kratom to have health benefits, Benefits reported from consumers have included increased energy, focus, relaxation, and relief from discomfort or fatigue. At Steding & Sons Mercantile they value the right of the consumer to make informed choices about their health and wellness. We encourage all potential kratom consumers to seek credible research from multiple sources and make decisions in alignment with their personal values.

Is Kratom Safe?

Kratom has been used safely in Southeast Asia for hundreds of years and millions of Americans are currently believed to be using kratom safely. American researchers are studying the safety profile of the plant. We encourage consumers to seek credible information. At Steding & Sons Mercantile, they believe that kratom is best used in moderation and note that many extract products have considerable higher alkaloid concentrates then natural kratom. We encourage extra consideration when making decisions about whether to use extract products and how often. At Steding & Sons Mercantile they encourage education, moderation and responsible consumption.

Last But Not Least!

Please consult with a license professional physician before using any kratom products. The FDA has not approved these statements. Products shown and sold on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Pregnant and Nursing Women are advised against use. Products are not for sale to Minors.