If you ever get your vape or batteries wet please stop using them, and replace any damaged parts to insure safety. Even e-liquid from a leaky tank can cause serious issues if not tended to.


Never store loose batteries in your pocket or bag. As loose change, keys, gum wrapper is all it takes to complete the circuit causing the battery to overheat to extremely unsafe temperatures.


Never leave your vape or batteries in your car especially during the hot summer times. Exposure to heat can damage your vape or batteries, and will also cause your tank to leak due to the juice thinning out from the heat.


Never leave your vape, or batteries charging overnight or unattended. Always take your batteries off once they have finished fully charging.


Always make sure that you use a proper charging cable, and never charge over 2amps. We recommend using a standard charger (Not a tablet or fast charger) that puts out .5-1amp for longer battery life.


Always make sure your batteries are wrapped properly. If you find any tares or missing outer wrap please stop using the battery until you can get it re-wrapped at your local vape shop. We do this for FREE!