Battery Safety

Battery Safety Information.

Whether it's finding the right battery for your device or want to know if your batteries are still safe to use. Maybe you're just looking for battery safety information. The Vapor Studio has you covered, we test and research each item we stock to ensure compatiability and safety.

Have any questions or just need a run down on a device or vape product? Stop in any time or give us a call, we're always happy to help.

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Battery Wrapping

Battery wraps will become wore out over time from being used. If you ever see any tears on the wrapping, stop using the battery until you can get it re-wrapped. Which we do for FREE at The Vapor Studio, Safety First.

You can also do this on your own by purchasing the correct size battery wrap (cheap on amazon)

How & Why to Re Wrap Batteries 18650


The biggest mistake we see with charging is using a fast charger that puts out way too much amprage. This will damage a cell/battery rather quickly.

For externally charged batteries we recommend using a external charger with no more than a 2 amp output. For vaporizers with an internal battery we recommend using a charginging block that puts out no more than 2 amps.

A slower charge will is always the best option, as it will prolong the lifespan of the battery.

Never charge and hit your vape at the same time! Vaping while charging can overheat the battery.


Wet or Damaged Batteries

Never use a battery that has been exposed to water. Always make sure your batteries have no major dents or damage before using!

It's never worth the risk, replace worn or damaged batteries.

Battery Lifespan

Batteries typically have a lifespan of 300 chargers before you start to see diminishing battery life. Typically we do see a average of a year and a half to 2 years before needing replaced. This is dependent on the person and how often your batteries are charged.

Using Different Batteries

If you have a dual battery device we highly recommend using the same brand and mAh battery. Not doing so can cause a battery imbalance error.

Using Batteries Not Meant For Vaping.

The amperage on a battery is extremally important. Batteries we typically use in our vapes have at least a 20amp rating. Using batteries with 5, 10 or even 15amp output can cause the batteries to heat to unsafe levels.

Do not pull a battery out of a laptop or drill and proceed to use it! THIS IS NOT SAFE!

Personally we recommend Hohm Tech Batteries as they have been rated for certain wattages to ensure you don't stress your batteries to a unsafe level.

Vapes & Heat

HEAT is the destroyer of most electronics. Micro chips, batteries, and displays can quickly fry if left in extreme heat even for a short amount of time. Cars are the worst for this as it can heat up well over 140 degrees inside your car. This is the same for vape juice, it will thin out and cause major leaking issues.

Battery Storage

If you have been vaping for some time you're more than likely to have a few extra batteries laying around. We highly recommend storing them in a proper battery case, or at least separated in their own plastic zip lock bags.

Throwing loose batteries in your bag, pocket, or even desk drawer is a accident waiting to happen. If anything metal such as keys, screws, change or even a gum wrapper makes contact with the battery teminals it can cause the battery to heat up extremely quick. This can cause the battery to vent and cause a fire.

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